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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Wk7 15/07/2017

What I did:
This week I made a mini golf course with Brooklyn and myself.
We tried to make the mini golf course, it was  kind of hard but it was sort of in the middle because some people like, Vanessa (teacher), Sharnika and Brooklyn + me got a hole in one. 

What I think:
I thought that if we put the books over the path a bit it would make it harder, also I thought that how we made it would also make it hard. We wanted harder for the people who wanted to try it out.
What I wonder:
I wonder for next time what we could change for the course to make it harder. 
Also I wonder if we use different things what could happen, but we do it the same why we did this week.

Science blog wk7

What I did:
This week I was confused of what I was doing so I went down that other end with Kiri and I did the rocket balloon. I worked with Seo Hyun, Shileen and Margarette.

What I think:
I thought that if we put it 90 degrees it will go a lot slower, and I also thought if we make the balloon smaller it will go slower but it went faster because the air went faster out.

What I wondered:
When my group did it on a 180 degree angle we wondered if we made the string longer and the balloon stayed the same size if it would make it to the end.

Science blog wk6

What I did: 
This week I didn't know what to do so,  Vanessa decided for me to teach Kahukura next week how to do push and pull. Vanessa said that I can pick 1 or 2 people to do it with me. 
This is my plan 

My push and pull Plan 

What I'm doing:
Ping pong ramp
Tug of war 

What I will need:
For the ping pong ball ramps:
5x ping pong ball
Accessories from their class x how any many everything they want

For tug of war:
rope x1 
8 people max

What to do at the end:

Ask what the learnt, 
See if they had fun,
Ask how it went for them,
Ask if the could do it again how would they do it differently.

Science blog 

Week 8- rocket balloon 

Introduction What is force?
Do you know what force is? Well if you don't when you read this you will know what it means.
Force is like a thrust type of push and pull which you can push a pen on the table and that is how you can do a force thrust. It's When someone gets pushed the other person who bushed you can also get pushed. 
Isaac newton:
3 laws
Inertia: an object will continue to be as is, until a force changers it.
Acceleration: when an object  goes faster, also the lighter it is the more acceleration.
For every action there is a reaction.

The materials that we had to use was………
3 meter string
10 cm straw
Steps that I had to make was
You need to put the string whatever angle that you would like to do 
Thread the string through the straw and stick the balloon on the straw 
Blow Up the  balloon and let go and there you have a rocket balloon 

The data that I gathered was all very interesting because we had different times and different ways that we did it. The variables that I changed with my group is, the balloon, the size of the balloon and the tension, and they all had different time.
These changes, changed my out came by the size of the balloon made it go faster or slower. We blew up the balloon bigger it would go a lot slower and the smaller the balloon the faster it will be, because the smaller it is the faster the air comes out faster. I learnt a lot of things like the smaller the balloon the faster it goes. I also learnt that the the force of the balloon can make it go all types of ways. 
I can use this new learning for the future when I'm older in particular next year I would have to do a test about it. Also next week I will be making mini  playground that has to use of course the teacher told us to lol. The wondering that I still have is what would happen if we have the string longer and the balloon was bigger would it make it to the other end. 

Week 9 
This week I did a plan here is a photo

Get everything 
Start with the swing
Pack up things with the swing 
Pack up things with the slid
Pack up things with the gate
See saw
Pack up things with the seesaw 
Firemans pool
Pack up things with the fireman's pool
Flying fox
Pack up things with the flying for
Fake plants 
Pack up things with fake plants
Then pack up ( no all ready pack up)

Monday, 12 June 2017

My Autumn Poem

Whirling noise in my ears as I'm walking down the shimmering green grass.

The waving tree waves all around as the frosty mist floats through the air.

I can taste fresh mint in my mouth when I walk past an evergreen tree.

When I walk through the park sand papery leaves fall on my head.

As the leaves fall down they look like colourful flames lighting up the night sky.

It smells like a fire burning the trees as the red leaves are hanging from there little storks.

Sumer was here now it's gone what are we going to do stay by the fire drink hot cocoa and in joy the snow.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Camp writing high ropes

Have you ever felt confident about something and then you have a creeping dread coming over your body?
I have.

A shiver of confidence came over my body as I put on my helmet and harness. After the confidence came over me the instructor was telling us how to do it, then we did an example and I helped which I was proud of myself then we got into it.

When other people did it I felt very nervous because I thought that my buddy's would drop me because I was taller then them so I could be a little bit heavier than them.

I felt nothing as I was climbing on the ladder, I just hoped that I would get to do it. “It's time to go back now” “ what I only just got up”.

I learnt about myself was that people can trust me when I'm holding them from the rope harness.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Short shorts

Hi I'm a black denim, I have rips around my pockets. I have a silver buckle. Every morning before she wears me I get so excited inside I'm nearly about to burst like a volcano erupting. My owner cares about me and if I'm lost she will run around and try to find me. All the time because I feel very wanted  because she does not put me on the ground once she's undressed and in her pjs. My owner will never leave me I'm her favourite yeah! Our relationship is the best she is very very caring.

By Savannah

If you did not know I'm black short shorts.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Midnight purple

I am a midnight rose I wake up when the midnight moon is out and making me shine so bright. I land on the midnight rose, my wings flicker in the wind. I race others around the track and bends. People see me when they go to the moon and back. Some of the time I could be a mystery to you or a shadow through the night or to some of you a mysterious light. I am midnight purple.

Saturday, 11 March 2017


Tena koutou

Ko Aoraki te maunga

Ko Waimakariri te awa 

Ko Waimairi te kura 

Ko Ngai Tahu te iwi

Ko Ngati  Porou te iwi 

Ko Joshua take papa

Ko Rebekah ta mama

No Otautahi  ahou 

Ko Savannah-rose taku ingoa 

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa